What do you know about our friends dolphins !

To your keyboard...


1/ Dolphins are...

2/ Dolphins live...

3/ Dolphins...

4/ How long dolphins can stay underwater without breathing ?

5/ How is called the opening which permit dolphins to breath ?

6/ Dolphins...

7/ Dolphins emit ultrasounds to evaluate the distance between the things and them.

8/ How many babies a dolphin mum can give the birth per pregnancy ?

9/ How long does the dolphin mum breastfeed (give its milk) its baby ?

10/ How many years the dolphin baby stay with its mother ?

11/ How is called the fin over the dolphin ?

12/ What is the dolphin average speed ?

13/ Dolphins have a good sense of smell.

14/ How many species of dolphins are there ?

15/ Life expectancy of a dolphin is 40 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity.