You are greedies with chocolate like me !

But do you know how to make it ?

This quiz to see what you know about it...

Plaquette chocolat

1/ Chocolate is made from...

2/ Cocoa grows on cocoa trees.

3/ Cocoa trees grow in cold and dry regions.

4/ What is the name of the fruit which contains cocoa beans?

5/ Cocoa tree comes from...

6/ Today and since 1900, cocoa is also cultivated in Asia and Africa.

7/ Cocoa pods which contain cocoa beans grow on the trunk.

8/ To obtain the mixture from which chocolate will be made, it's necessary to...

9/ What does ROASTING mean?

10/ What is the purpose of roasting?

11/ What must be added to the cocoa mixture to make chocolate?

12/ White chocolate is also made from cocoa beans.