I prepared you sevaral games of questions/answers for fun.

It's also a good way to learn things.

There's something for everyone : cooking, nature, monuments, cinema, counting...

These are the first. Others will arrive gradually.

So, on your marks !


What do you know about our friends dolphins ! To your keyboard...


Calculator, no ! Mental calculation, yes ! You're so strong in additions, so let's go !


You know your multiplication tables perfectly ! This is what we will see... Top left !

The Eiffel Tower

Do you like the Eiffel Tower ? I love it. That's why I prepared you a quiz about it. Do you want to answer it ?


You are greedies with chocolate like me ! But do you know how to make it ? This quiz to see what you know about it...


Here are some questions about dinosaurs, these animals that lived on Earth long time ago. Let's go !

The Arc de triomphe

Last Sunday, I visited a famous monument in Paris : the Arc de Triomphe. It was great ! It is as impressive as beautiful... I've learnt lot of things, so I prepared you a quiz. It's a little bit difficult, but if you want to play, let's go !

Which wastes are recyclable ?

In France, one resident put about 354 kg of waste in the trash every year. That is to say almost one kilogram per day...  Therefore, it is very important to recycle if we don't want our planet becomes a huge trash very quickly ! So what is recyclable and what is not ? I created this quiz according to the French recycling rules ! I don't know if the rules are exactly the same in other countries...    


Are you a fan of Ratatouille ? Okay, let us see that !


Now, quiz about colors ! Time to take your paintbrushes ;-)

The space

This is the very expected quiz after the three following articles on my blog : The universe in a few words I said "celestial objects"... As it's bizarre ;-) Earth, our queen of ballet Let's see now who will be the futur astrophysicists and astronauts !

The cat

Ther are 63 million pets in France today : mostly cats, dogs, birds, fishes and small mammals such as rabbits, ferrets... So, let's see what you know about the domestic cat.