Great, you've come to read security instructions !

Like all Chefs, we, mad about snacks, have to respect security rules.


  1. Never cook without the presence of an adult !

    Two utilities to that :

    - First, the adult ensures that we don't hurt ourself.

    - Second, but we have to stay discreet
    , the adult becomes our Commis Chef. She or he will do all the drudgeries ;-)

  2. Always use adapted knives to our age !

    Long and sharp knives are restricted to our adult Commis Chef.

    Adapted cooking knives for children exist. They are commercially available in stores or on Internet. Ask to your mum, dad, grandma, grandpa... to make inquiries !

  3. Never settle cooktops without the control of our adult Commis Chef !

     Same instruction with the others appliances like the electric waffle.

  4. Always unplug electric appliance before turning or changing an element !

    When we use a food processor to beat egg whites for example, we always think to unplug before attaching the beaters. We do the same when we want to remove the beaters. Alternatively, we could put fingers in a beater and if the device is accidentaly put on, it would be catastrophic.

  5. Many precautions when handling sharp objects !

    We do not make large gestures. Be especially carefull with your eyes and those of others !

Here are some rules we have to respect. Anyway, for cooking, we must always remain calm and focused.

The pleasure of cooking, yes ! The risk of unintentional injuries, no !

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