• • 125 grams of flour

  • • 100 grams of sugar

  • • A packet of vanilla sugar

  • • 3 eggs

  • • 50 grams of butter

  • • 1/4 of a liter of milk

  • • 500 grams of cherries

  • • a pinch of salt


Clafouti aux cerises2



Caution :
Do not forget we aren't allowed to cook alone ! An adult must stay with us. See Instructions.

  1. Turn the oven to preheat to 180 ° Celcius.

  2. Wash cherries, remove the stalks and let them drain .

  3. In a bowl, whip sugar, 3 eggs and the pinch of salt until the mixture whitens.

  4. Add the flour gradually.

  5. Melt butter ( 50 grams) and add to the mixture.

  6. Add milk until you get a smooth paste.

  7. Butter a dish.

  8. Put cherries in the dish and the mixture over .

  9. Sprinkle over a few small pieces of butter.

  10. Put in the oven and bake for 45 minutes.

  11. When it is cooked, remove from the oven and sprinkle over the vanilla sugar.

  12. Let it cool, then enjoy it !


My tips

People says that clafoutis is best when cherries keep their cores. Personally, I don't like breaking my teeth over them or failing to choke on my food ! So I remove the cores before the preparation. But it is not easy when cherries are fresh !

To make it easier, I use frozen cherries that I had frozen beforehand (washed and pulled the stalk off of course). I make my provisions in summer in the freezer for winter.

In defrosting, they become soft and I can remove the cores easily. It just have to press on cherries to exit the cores ! ;-)


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