The little voice that sings from under the floor

Would you believe me if I told you that since I've moved to 17, Little Clafoutis Street, I hear a small voice that speaks and sings from under the floor of my bedroom ?

Cle et notes musique

Oh well, yes, it's true !

The first night, I was so tired I thought it came from outside. I thought someone in the neighborhood repeated songs. But every night was the same. So I looked everywhere it could come. By sticking my ear to the ground, I realized that it was coming from under the floor of my bedroom. So with my shoe, I knocked on the floor, just to see if anything was happening. Then I saw a little mouse not happy at all who came out from a tiny hole in the wall !

She stood on her hind legs, waving her front legs in all directions. At this moment, I didn't understand anything. But I'm sure now that she is the little voice who speaks and sings from under my floor !

Yes, I know ... amazing !

Fortunately, I managed to photograph and record her without she noticed anything. Here are a few movies :


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