Answer - "Who am I ?" n°3

I am born Septembre 5, 1638 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, near Paris.

My name is Louis-Dieudonné de France.

I become King of France at the age of 5 years, in 1643, after the death of my father.

My mother, Anne d'Autriche and the Cardinal Mazarin provide my education as well as the Regency of the kingdom until 1661.

Then, I govern the kingdom alone until my death.

Trough diplomacy and war, I strengthen the borders and power of the kingdom of France.

Head of the catholic Church in France, I persecute the protestants who run away from the kingdom in my reign.

In 1682, I move in the Château de Versailles.

Protector of Arts and Letters, I make with Paris and Versailles a high artistic and cultural site.

The Sun is my symbol.

Louis 14

I die September 1st, 1715, almost 77 years old.

I am Louis XIV (14), the Sun King.

Soon, my friends,


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