Fresh fruits salad

Brrr... For several days, it's cold outside, my friends !

We all had to put coats, hats and gloves. And in the morning, when we breath, it's smoke. It's fun.
Yes, this is nice. What is not so nice : colds, ear infections and tonsillitis. But against that, do not worry, we have an infallible weapon... The fresh fruit salad. What ?! It is true.


Wikimedia commons 1280px fruit salad closeup 1


The fresh fruit salad is very easy to do and most importantly, full of vitamins to fight against little diseases of Winter. And no question of being sick for Christmas. Then, all in your fruits basket, my friends !

If you're interested in, here's the fresh fruit salad prepare for myself regularly. But you can do whatever you want. Let your creativity speak ;-)


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