The universe in a few words

Did I tell you before ? I am fascinated by stars, planets... by the entire universe !

But the universe in a few words, what is it ?

Well, it is a space in constant expansion, it simply means that it's growing all the time. Therefore, it has no limits ; this is why we say it is infinite.

Univers 3

The universe started with the Big Bang. It happened 13,7 billions years ago.That's a bit complicated to explain. So what we can remember is that the Big Bang is the date of birth of the universe.

The universe today consists of billions galaxies. These are groupings of stars, gas and dust. In the same way that the universe consists of billions galaxies, each galaxy contains billions of stars. Imagine then the billions of billions of stars (suns) that exist in the universe... No wonder the sky lights up each night with an infinity of little magic lights !


We talk about solar system, when planets revolve around a star.

Systeme solaire

The planets are called celestial objects. They can be gaseous or solid.


Earth is our planet. She is so beautiful and generous. Water, air, food... it gives everything to us. So, always think about protecting it ! Do something everyday to limit our pollution ! Do not waste water, save electricity, do not throw anything out of the bins provided for this purpose, recycling...
For our
planet, there are no small gestures, there are only big actions ;-)

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