Earth, our queen of ballet

Earth is a star dancer. Absolutely !

It gives us the show every day, round the clock, 7 days 7, since it has carried us and danced the waltz around the sun. And its dance floor is the solar system, in one of the arm of the Milky Way. This is the name of the galaxy to which it belongs in the universe.

Seven planets go with it in the solar system :
Mercury (solid planet)
Venus (solid planet)
Mars (solid planet)
Jupiter (gaseous planet)
Saturn (gaseous planet)
Uranus (gaseous planet)
Neptune (gaseous planet)

Systeme solaire

Like Mercury, Venus and Mars, Earth is a telluric planet, that is to say a solid planet. It was born 4.5 billion years ago and it's in third position from the sun, just after Mercury and Venus. It has a natural satellite, named the Moon.

It is located in the "habitable" zone of the solar system, which means it is placed at a reasonable distance from the sun. It is thus ideally situated to host life, far enough from the sun to avoid overheating and close enough not to be icy. It further presents oceans, continents and atmosphere.

Earth rotates on itself in 24 hours (so one day) and at the same time around the sun in 365 days (so one year). Pretty waltz, isn't it?


Through all of this, life may have appeared on Earth there is less than one billion years. She has developed there until today. Currently, millions of species live on Earth and turn in universe, including us;-)

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