Dairy farming

Hi my friends,

A promise is a promise. Here are some pictures of an interesting visit I made during the April holidays. This is a dairy farming I discovered in the south-west of France, near the Pyrénées. Do you see the mountains in the background ?

Img 0043

Here are the meadows where cows graze three or four hours a day when the weather permits. They spend the rest of the time in a place named "stall", where they eat, rest and give their milk. In this dairy farming, the stall is "free". It means the cows freely come and go, they are not attached.

could not photograph the processes milk the day of my visit, but I saw the robot that milk by itself all the cows of that dairy farming. They come freely - two to three times a day - to be milked by the fully automated machine. That's impressive.

Img 0022

This black and white cow species is called "Holstein". It has the reputation to give a lot of milk every day, more than forty liters per cow on average.

Img 0025

Cows eat grass, hay and corn silage. They also need food supplements like minerals, rape and salt cubes to lick, see picture below.

Img 0020

One thing I found really funny is the possibility for them to be brushed when they wish. Then they pass under a giant brush rubbing their backs and flanks.

Img 0028

I finish with the most cute : the newborn calves !

Img 0014

That's all for today. In a future article, I will show you the pictures I made of a beautiful garden.

See you soon, my friend !


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