This summer, ice-creams or sherbets ?

Both of course ! If we stay reasonable obviously.

At any time of the year, ice creams and sherbets from time to time are delicious ! But when summer arrive, when it is very hot, they are just wonderful ... I'm sure you agree with me ;-)

Glaces et sorbets2

There are dozens of possible flavors : chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, cassis, mint, pistachio, raspberry, caramel... And a multitude of cups is proposed to us : Pears Belle Helene, Peach Melba, Banana split...  It's a bit like the painter in front of his color tubes. He can create a masterpiece according to his mood of the day ! In front of the flavors, we do the same ! We choose - with the eye of the artist - the flavors we want to associate and we enjoy them after in a pot or a cone. Yum !

That being said, I ask you a question... Do you know what is the difference between sherbet and ice cream ?
Yes, you do ? No, you don't ?

Here is the answer :

Ice cream is made ​​with milk with or without cream, with or without eggs.

Sorbet is made with water.

My mouth is watering. Then for dessert tonight, I will have apricot sorbet.

And you ?

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