What is a Clafoutis ?

Clafoutis is a cake with cherries covered with a kind of custard.

Clafouti aux cerises2


It's an old dessert from the Limousin. That is to say it was born in the Limoges region.

Carte limousin

Clafoutis is a masculine name which would mean in old patois (regional dialect) "fix with nails". It always takes a "s" at the end, even if we are just talking about one clafoutis. But, the "s" is silent. We don't hear it when we say "Clafoutis".

Some people also say "Milliard" ou "Millard" to talk about it in the center of France.

We prepare it with flour, sugar, eggs, milk, a little bit of butter and cherries of course.

Ingredients clafoutis 3

Today, we also cook it with other fruits like apples, pears, apricots, raspberries...

I prefer the traditional clafoutis. Anyway, it's always a treat !

cherries Clafoutis

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