Pear Belle-Helene

In my last post, I talked about ice cream and sherbet.

Today, I've chosen to write my article about the Pear Belle-Helene, a delicious composition with pear, vanilla ice cream and melted chocolate.

If you feel like it, I share with you my recipe, very easy to make...

For two cups Pear Belle-Helene,
prepare the following ingredients :


1 box of pears in the syrup

100 grams of dark chocolate

10 cl of single cream

vanilla ice cream

flaked almonds

1. Put two halves of the pear in each cup of ice cream.

2. In a glass bowl, break the chocolate in squares and put the cream over.

3. Place the bowl in the microwave oven - middle power - during one minute,

to obtain a chocolate sauce.

4. Remove the bowl and mix the preparation to make the sauce smooth.

If the chocolate isn't completly melted, repeat the operation.

5. Make two scoops of vanilla ice cream in each cup.

Put the chocolate sauce over the pear and ice cream.

6. Finish by adding flaked almonds on the top.

Time to enjoy then !

Pear belle helene

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