Chocolate truffes

Hey, hey, everybody comes to the kitchen when the chocolate truffes are being prepared ! Who knows, we could eat one or two of them before the others. Obviously, nobody resists to the chocolate truffes ! And, for Christmas, they are simply compulsory ;-)

Truffes chocolat

Here is thus my recipe...

Caution : Do not forget we aren't allowed to cook alone ! An adult must stay with us. See Instructions.

Ingredients :

  • 280 gr of dark chocolat
  • 60 gr of butter
  • 20 gr of icing sugar
  • 50 gr of unsweetened powdered cacao
  • 10 cl of single cream

Steps :

1/ In a saucepan, pour half water and make it warm.

2/ In a glass bowl, put the chocolate in pieces and the butter.

3/ Put the bowl over the saucepan (this process is called "bain-marie") to make the chocolate melted with the butter. Be very careful, this could be dangerous ! You have to pay attention not to scald yourself. You must ask to the adult who is cooking with you to do that.

4/ Add the single cream by continuing to mix.

5/ Add the icing sugar by continuing to mix.

6/ Turn off the fire under the saucepan.

7/ Let cool and put the bowl in the refrigerator during one hour at least.

8/ Then, pour the unsweetened powdered cacao in a soup plate.

9/ Take out the bowl of the refrigerator.

10/ With a soup spoon, take a little dough.

11/ Roll it in your hands to obtain a ball.

12/ Roll this ball in the unsweetened powdered cacao.

13/ Do this again until there is no more dough in the bowl.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, what a treat... But not too much, you wouldn't be sick !

We can offer them too. In a jar with a home-made Christmas card, it's a nice gift.

Good wednesday, my friends !


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