Can we eat chestnuts ?

Right, it's the season of roasted chestnuts now. In some French cities, when we walk, there are merchants that serve us roasted chestnuts in a cornet made with a sheet of newspaper. It burns a little fingers when we shell them, but they smell and taste so good.

We can also grill them ourself at home in the fireplace. But for that, we need a special stove for chestnuts. It is unmistakable : it is full of holes ! This is so funny.

Of course, we have to find chestnuts. But beware when we collect them ourselves, not any chestnuts ! Do not be mistaken. The only chestnuts we can eat are the fruits of the chestnuts tree.

 Bogue de chataigne Chataigne

Chestnut burr and chestnuts (pictures from Wikipédia)

And never eat the horse-chestnuts ! Prohibition to put one in our mouth !

Bogue de marron Marron

Horse-chestnut burr and horse-chestnuts (pictures from Wikipédia)

However, we can play with by throwing them as far as possible, for example.

Anyway, if you've never tasted "roasted chestnuts", I advise you to serve them with a glass of lemonade and for adults, with a glass of cider. It's delicious !



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