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Cake with ham cheese and olives to taste when we want !

Hello friends,

Here is a new recipe about a salt snack : Cake with ham cheese and olives.

To taste when you want !

For me, it's a delight  ;-)



A salt tasted snack, what a good idea !

Hello my friends,

To your croque-monsieur device ! Here is a new recipe on my website to your next tasty snack : Croque-Monsieur ;-)

See you soon,


Yogurt cake revisited

Hello my friends,

To your cake molds ! Here is a new recipe on my website to your next tasty snack : Yogurt cake revisited ;-)

See you soon,


Happy new year 2017

New years day 1063435 640

Author's picture : Geralt  -  From : Pixabay


Happy new year, my friends !

I hope this new year will be for you a firework of games and funs,
without forgetting of course sancks and stories ;-)

So, no question of letting you start the year
without an appropriate recipe : the Crown ok kings.

Have fun and see you soon at 17, Little Clafoutis Street,


Chocolate spread

Hello my friends,

I'm back from a long trip...

I bring in my bags the recipe of a Chocolate spread ;-)

A feast for the coming snacks !